Lifestlyes, banking extras for those over 50


Lifestyles is your ticket to enjoying what you've achieved and banking where you're appreciated. Designed for customers 50 and over, Lifestyles offers the banking extras you're looking for and offers opportunities that fit your way of life! Open your SMB Lifestyles checking account today at any SMB location, or change an existing checking account to Lifestyles. Contact the Lifestyles Advisor at your bank for more information.

Our Lifestyles Advisors are:

Judy Lambeth Carthage South (417) 358-1770
Melody Thompson Carthage North (417) 358-9331
Kathy Hill Jasper (417) 394-2546
Lisa Passley 32nd & Indiana (417) 624-1995
Becca Farris 32nd & Indiana (417) 624-1995
Jamie Hansen Zora (417) 206-6800
Candance Houchin McClelland (417) 623-5255
Shanon Doss Duquesne (417) 623-5959
Misty Phipps Stone's Corner (417) 623-0400
Cathy Lankford Neosho North (417) 451-7800

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