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Trusteer Rapport

One out of every four personal computers in the United States is infected with some sort of malware. That's more than 59 million affected computers nationwide. At SMB, we understand that you want peace of mind when you bank online.

I think Rapport would be a decent, low-impact addition to the security of any PC user banking online with Windows. 

Brian Krebs
Krebs on Security

That's why we've partnered with IBM to bring you Trusteer Rapport, FREE security software designed to make your online banking more secure than ever. Rapport downloads and installs in 1-2 minutes, without a system restart. Free for SMB customers with no registration or commitment, Rapport is easy to use, updates automatically, and requires little to no maintenance on your part.

Key benefits of Trusteer Rapport security software:

  • Begins protecting immediately upon installation
  • Designed to work quietly in the background
  • Blocks advanced online malware threats
  • Identifies websites that might be running phishing scams
  • Quickly notifies you of any online threats
  • Works with both Windows and Mac on any of the four major browsers
  • Complements your other security software

Here is a 90-second video on what this add-on is and how it works:

You will be prompted to download Trusteer Rapport when you log into your NetTeller Internet Banking. If for some reason you missed the opportunity, you can download it at any time.

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